Facebook / Instagram Ads

Accelerate lucrative development on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram are the most successful platforms for reaching out to a certain audience. No other website holds as much data on users’ interests, buying habits, activities, and demographics as this one. We build Facebook ad campaigns for you in order to produce leads or consumers.

Facebook & Instagram Ads have the ability to greatly boost your online exposure, increase sales, and develop your brand; but, obtaining the most out of your Facebook ad spend takes experience and expertise with the Facebook ad platform. It is not simply “set it and forget it” advertising. A successful Facebook advertising campaign involves careful planning and testing in order to identify the ideal mix of demographics, information, creative development, and budget in order to reach and engage your ideal consumers.

Facebook and Instagram Ads are vital for your company to get the most out of your investment in digital marketing. It not only helps you produce leads or consumers, but it also helps to establish your business’ reputation.


At Sahasrara

We have such a team of specialists that build and manage marketing campaigns expertly. We create and optimize advertisements for your brand based on an in-depth examination of your company’s specialty.

How Facebook and Instagram Ads Can Help Your Business

Largest social media platform

With over two billion monthly active users, Facebook and Instagram are the world’s largest social sites. As a result, it provides a large playing field for business owners who want to contact potential purchasers in the most effective way possible. No other social media network can provide your brand with the same level of exposure.


It is simple to target a certain audience.

The capacity to reach your target audience is a huge advantage. People can be targeted based on their age, hobbies, behavior, and demographics. Targeting a targeted audience with appealing advertisements facilitates your road to profit maximization.


Successful product strategy

We develop better and more enhanced brand recognition by doing a detailed study of rivals’ methods that are already working well.


Increased exposure thanks to the Lookalike Audiences feature

Facebook and Instagram makes it simple to discover alternative qualified leads. The feature is known as “lookalike audiences,” and it allows you to take a specific audience and have Facebook reach out to NEW individuals who are similar to the earlier targeted demographic. There are several approaches to creating lookalike audiences. With our knowledge, we assure that you get the most out of your ad campaign investment.

Our Working Process


Our top focus for you is to establish your objectives. At Sahasrara, our professionals will talk with you about the goal of the marketing campaign. There are several sorts of targets, including such sales, generating leads, and audience growth.


Choosing demographics

Following an in-depth investigation of your company specialty, our skilled consultants identify which demographics are most suited to your needs. We collect all of the data you need to boost your Facebook sales.


Developing a comprehensive plan

We can assist you in determining the best methods to integrate your Facebook promotional campaign with certain other promotional methods to maximize your ROI. We build a flawless plan to assist you to reach your goals.


Creating advertisements

Whereas Google AdWords, Facebook Ads allows you to construct a larger ad with headlines, promotional material, button text, link label & description, and ad design. We handle everything and create advertising to lower the cost per acquisition.


Tracking and measuring

We regularly analyze and manage the ad campaign to ensure its profitability. We monitor and adjust the advertising to avoid audience overload and ad blindness. The campaign’s efficiency decreases with time. To avoid this, we remove segments that are underperforming and increase their performance.



We appropriately scale your campaign and increase its effectiveness by providing you with a lucrative cost per acquisition. Our professionals maintain a close eye on the campaign to ensure the greatest results. Our mission is to provide you with the finest service possible, while maintaining the greatest levels of ethics, openness, and satisfaction.

Let’s create a successful Facebook and Instagram Ad campaign for your company

Facebook and Instagram advertising provides you with all of the resources you need to develop an effective marketing campaign and convert your followers into lucrative leads. Allow Sahasrara to assist you in unlocking the benefits of your campaigns.